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Reclaiming Booklist

Here's a Reclaiming booklist-in-progress - we will try to include books by Reclaiming-connected folks (WitchCampers, organizers, etc) whose content pertains to our mission in the wide sense. Contact us if you have titles to suggest. Reclaiming Booklist - click here

Post Scarcity Anarchism – Classic Murray Bookchin

Post Scarcity Anarchism by Murray Bookchin first published in the 1970’s looks at social change and how to participate in/achieve meaningful social change. In case you’ve never read it or want to read it again, this book has never been so relevant. It examines what our capitalist society is and what will eventually happen to it (which is what’s happening now!) – from Baruch

Cantos Sagrados – New bilingual chants recordings!

Our Cantos project is on hold till we can safely circle again. You can hear some VERY rough demos here - someone said, "It sounds like Reclaiming singing!" I think they meant it as a compliment... Cantos Sagrados - rough demos **** Donate & Info: <> Questions: Reclaiming's Campfire Chorus is heading back to our garage studio to record bilingual Spanish-English versions of four of our most-loved chants: Air I Am / Aire Soy Tierra Mi Cuerpo / Earth My Body We Are a Circle / Somos Un Circulo She Changes Everything / Ella Cambia Todo We rehearsed for the first time January 18 – mostly we worked on our pronunciations and phrasings – you c