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Our new book - Dancing the Spiral: A Companion to the Writings of Starhawk!


- 350 pages of cutting edge magic and activism for witchcamps, circles, and solitaries

Melodic Mystery: Ritual Music from Reclaiming Tradition

New songs for rituals, classes - and singing along! - Youtube  Spotify  Webpage

Wyrd Vibrations: Future Sounds of Paganism from Reclaiming

Our wyrdest album ever - new and unusual pagan sounds! - Youtube  Spotify  Webpage

Bilingual Spanish-English Reclaiming Chants Playlist

Youtube  Spotify  - chants also stream on other services

Chants Mixes Online
Chants stream at spotify, youtube and most other streaming sites

Reclaiming's Artist Page - Youtube  Spotify  Apple

Reclaiming Chants Megamix - all five albums plus bonus tracks - Youtube  Spotify

Melodic Mystery - songs for rituals, classes, and magical gatherings - Youtube  Spotify  Webpage

Wyrd Vibrations - new and unusual pagan music! - Youtube  Spotify  Webpage

Starhawk Songs - written by Starhawk and recorded by Reclaiming - Youtube  Spotify

Bilingual Spanish-English Playlist - Youtube  Spotify

Elements Chants - several dozen elements chants for rituals and classes - Youtube  Spotify

Non-Reclaiming Faves - other songs we use in rituals and classes - Youtube Spotify
Way to the Well - a drum-trance ritual journey with Starhawk - Youtube  Spotify

Spiral Dance Playlist - a complete musical ritual - Youtube  Spotify

Dancing the Spiral & Teen Earth Magic Book - chants to accompany our books - Youtube

More Mixes

Campfire Chants - 17 classic chants for classes and rituals - Youtube  Spotify

Favorite Chants - 50 of our most-sung chants from Reclaiming & friends - Youtube

Favorite Chants - alphabetical list with direct links

Resistance Chants - resistance, empowerment, and activist chants - YouTube  Spotify

Brigid Chants & Trance Mix - Youtube

Summer Chants Mix - a seasonal mix - Youtube  Spotify

Winter Chants Mix - Reclaiming & more! - Youtube  Spotify

Spiral Dance 2021 - complete online ritual

Spiral Dance Videos - Reclaiming's annual Spiral Dance ritual - Youtube

The Last Wild Witch - a reading of Starhawk's eco-fable (with pictures!) - Youtube


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