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April's Book of Games

Creative Exercises for Classes, Camps, and Communities

by April Cotte / new edition by Reclaiming Quarterly

New edition - original text plus writings and memories

April's Book of Games is a resource for teachers and grassroots organizers for all age groups - and a keepsake for those who loved her.

New edition: print (color cover/B&W pages) | free PDF

When she co-taught at Witchlets and Redwood Magic family camps, April shared a xeroxed version of her book of games, exercises, and activities. Originally crafted for grades K-8, we've found it useful for all ages. It became part of our toolkit.

The original xerox-of-a-xerox got the job done - but the book needed a full production.  The new version includes the original text - nearly 100 pages of games and exercises - plus several of April's writings. 

It also features memories from many who loved, worked, and played with April.


Available both as a print edition and as a free PDF. Like our other Reclaiming Quarterly publications, we hope thousands of people will download and use this amazing teaching tool.

- Rosa De Anda, Rock, and George Franklin for Reclaiming Quarterly

New edition: print (color cover/B&W pages) | free PDF

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