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Camp-Organizing Resources

Manuals and Documents for witchcamp and family camp organizing

Don't miss our Freebies page - lotsa fun stuff!

Teen Earth Magic - not for teens only!

- 350 pages of cutting edge magic and activism - straight from our witchcamps!

April's Book of Games and Exercises - workings for young people from April Cotte

Anti-Racism Resources - for groups, camps, and individuals

Witchlets Camp Organizing Manual - checklists and information for launching a camp

Redwood Magic Camper Packet - camp guidelines, waivers, directions, bring-list, etc.

Hearth (Kitchen) Handbook - from the Redwood Magic Family Camp team!

Liability, Photo, and Ethics Agreements - from our family camps

Organizing Timeline - month-by-month task list for an annual camp

Promo Card - a sample postcard for Redwood Magic - great for in-person publicity

Trifold Brochure - Teen Earth Magic brochure - easy to print however many we need

Activist Handbooks - consensus, nonviolent direct action, collective organizing, and more!

Pagan and Activist Chants for all occasions!

Contact Our Family Camps: Teen Earth Magic, Witchlets, and Redwood Magic Family Camp

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