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Dancing the Spiral

A Companion to the Writings of Starhawk for Circles & Solitaries

by Luke Hauser, with Reclaiming Quarterly & Teen Earth Magic

Dancing the Spiral - download our latest draft

Dancing the Spiral is Luke Hauser & Reclaiming Quarterly's latest book-in-progress - a companion to the voluminous writings of Starhawk - edited specially for circles and solitaries!


Now that you've read everything Starhawk has published, you're probably wondering - what's next?

You've come to the right place! You'll find ritual skills, magical workings, activism prep, magical history, resources, lots of photos, clever yet incisive marginal commentary, and much more. This book is the all-ages edit of our Teen Earth Magic workbook - see below for link to that version.

The book is designed for circles and solitaries working in the Reclaiming Tradition of magic and activism. Reclaiming is an an open and inclusive tradition, and we ask that attitude from participants - visit for more info.

Goddess willing, we'll do a print edition in early 2023, give or take a few years. Meanwhile, you can download the latest draft below.

Advance PDF of latest draft


Dancing the Spiral - download latest draft

Teen Earth Magic Workbook - print edition or free PDF of the teens' version


Resources to Accompany Book

Chants Playlists for Rituals and Workings

Camp and Retreat Organizing Resources - portal site - links to resources & local groups - camps and retreats for all ages

Teen Earth Magic Workbook - same material for youth - also great for classes and larger groups

More from Starhawk

Making It Real - articles by Starhawk - permaculture trainings co-created by Starhawk - all Starhawk, all the time

More from Luke Hauser - activist resources plus free downloads of books

Our Magical & Activist Ancestors - an illustrated 40-page essay - PDF | online

A Fool Such As I: A Tarot Mystery (print, ebook, or free download)

A History of Magic and Witchcraft in Europe - review of six-volume series 

The Magical Writer - free download of course booklet

Cover of new book - Dancing the Spiral
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