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Ritual Chants!

for the books Teen Earth Magic & Dancing the Spiral

Links to playlists and chants used for rituals and workings in the Teen Earth Magic workbook – plus bonus playlists!


The playlists also accompany the forthcoming book, Dancing the Spiral: A Companion to the Writings of Starhawk

Click here to see the latest draft of Dancing the Spiral.

Click here to see the TEM book - and download the PDF version! 350 pages of ritual skills, exercises, interviews, and more - "An amazing magical resource for teens - and everyone!" - Starhawk

TEM Playlists

Way to the Well (a trance journey with Starhawk)

Grounding Meditation with Starhawk (Tree of Life)

A Grounding Ritual (chants to accompany ritual in TEM Book)

An Affirmation Ritual (chants to accompany ritual in TEM Book - coming soon)

A Water Ritual (chants to accompany ritual in TEM Book)

Spiral Dance Playlist - a complete musical ritual

Spiral Dance videos (classic footage of our Samhain ritual)

Reclaiming Chants Playlists (all our albums and more)

Interviews etc with Starhawk (a youtube miscellany)

Solstice in the Streets – hand-colored posters

Campfire Chants – perfect for after the ritual – or anytime!

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