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Magical Features & Resources

Two new albums of Reclaiming music!

     Melodic Mystery: Ritual Music from Reclaiming

     Wyrd Vibrations: Future Sounds of Paganism from Reclaiming

     All Reclaiming Albums & Playlists

Twelve Eves of Solstice - free downloads, playlists, and resources!

Reclaiming Cauldron - new creative arts journal! - print or free download

Dancing the Spiral: A Companion to the Writings of Starhawk - free download of draft-in-progress!

Magical & Activist Ancestors - an illustrated journey - PDF | online | print edition coming soon!

Witchcamp At Home - A Complete DIY Kit! 

Pearl Pentacle - several articles on a key magical practice

Dia de los Muertos - photos from San Francisco ritual

Tarot Booklet & Features - free booklet plus online features

Teen Earth Magic Workbook - for teens & teachers - print or free download

Why Are Witches Called Witches? - an exploration of our language

Labyrinth Features - articles, reflections, and practical tips

Aspecting - reflections and practices

Spiral Dance Features - Reclaiming's annual Samhain celebration

     2021 Spiral Dance - Full Ritual Online!

Dancing the Maypole - Photos from PaganFest

Building a Daily Magical Practice - reflections and resources

Start Making Scents - workings and reflections from Oak

Making It Real - articles by Starhawk

Sacred Dance - by Thorn Coyle, Irish Flambeau, and more

Water - an RQ theme section

Fire Magic & Meditations

Witchcraft and the Rave Scene - magic and electronica

Astrological Musings - the stars and the world

Magic, Politics, & Science: The Fate of Nature in Early Modern Europe

A History of Magic and Witchcraft in Europe - six-volume series 

Iron Pentacle - coming soon!

Pentacle of the Great Turning - coming soon!

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