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Twelve Eves of Solstice

Books, PDFs, playlists, trances, and resources from the Reclaiming archives.

Whether you're approaching Summer or Winter - whether you're in the Northern or Southern hemisphere - take a whirlwind tour through 12 (+1) eves of Solstice!

Eve 01 - Solstice Playlists

Solstice songs and chants for Winter & Summer by folks like T. Thorn Coyle,  Faun, Jaiya, Moonrise, Turning Earth Singers, Suzanne Sterling, Evelie Delfino Sales Posch, S J Tucker, Max Ventura, Crow, and Reclaiming's own Spiral Dance and Campfire Choruses.

Chants guaranteed effective in all hemispheres!


Winter Playlist - Youtube  | Spotify

Summer Playlist - Youtube  | Spotify

Photo by Urania

Eve 02 - Back Issues of Newsletter & Quarterly

The complete collection of over 100 back issues of Reclaiming Newsletter (1980-1996) and Reclaiming Quarterly (1996-2011) are now available on our website.


Rumor has it that at least one person is reading their way through the entire set!


Download selected issues - or email us for a ZIP file of the entire collection.

Back Issues - free downloads - click here


ZIP of complete collection - email us:


Eve 03 - Creative Allies Trance


Click here for trance | Info about Magical Writing classes

Join Reclaiming teacher and author Irisanya Moon for a 20-minute guided drum-trance to meet a creative ally. This meditation was recorded as part of a Magical Writer class. We added a favorite chant at the beginning and end - that's Artemis from the Spiral Dance chorus on flute!

Eve 04 - Last Wild Witch by Starhawk - New Video

The Last Wild Witch is Starhawk's eco-fable for kids - and everyone. Amazing artwork by Lindy Kehoe. 

New RQ video read by Georgie Craig - with all of the pictures!

Order Book Online - click here


Eve 05 - Dancing the Spiral - latest version


Dancing the Spiral: A Companion to the Writings of Starhawk

Download a free PDF of the almost-completed version of Reclaiming Quarterly's compendium of all sorts of things that haven't (yet) made it into one of Starhawk's books - history, ritual skills, workings for individuals and small groups, plus all sorts of free resources for your own magical practice.

Planned for 2023 publication, you can get a jump on the magical world by grabbing a free PDF now!

Dancing the Spiral - click here


Eve 06 - Revolutionary Pagan Humor?


Today's reading assignment is the complete archives of the Revolutionary Pagan Workers' Vanguard -- Reclaiming Quarterly's all-purpose satire page, now in its 39th issue! 


That's 3 x 13 issues of incisive commentary, radical analysis, and select anarchist merchandising.

If that's not enough, check out Luke Hauser's Tarot mystery - all your favorite Pagan Vanguard humor in a full-length novel!

Free downloads at:


RPWV - complete archives - click here!

A Fool Such As I: A Tarot Mystery by Luke Hauser (print or free PDF!)


Eve 07 - Tarot Compendium


Download Tarot PDF | Read Online

We've collected all of the Tarot articles from 40 years of Reclaiming Newsletter & Quarterly, plus 15 pages of intro and workings from the Teen Earth Magic workbook, including the Journey of the Spirit reading.

Whether you're a divinatory novice or a grizzled Tarot veteran, you'll find something in this free 80-page booklet.

And don't miss RQ contributor Luke Hauser's Tarot mystery!

A Fool Such As I: A Tarot Mystery by Luke Hauser (print or free PDF!)


Eve 08 - Pearl Pentacle


Here's a "theme section" on the Pearl Pentacle, one of the key magical tools in Reclaiming, adapted from the Anderson Feri Tradition.


PDF Version - click here


Online version - click here


These interviews and articles are from the final, never-completed issue of Reclaiming Quarterly (Issue 103)


Complete back issues - click here

Eve 09 -  A Video History of Nonviolent Direct Action


Check out this youtube history of nonviolent direct action in the United States, narrated by Luke Hauser, author of Direct Action: An Historical Novel.


From the American Revolution to today's social justice movements, we trace the threads and evolution of activism for social change. Special sections on European anti-nuclear activism and the PEace Camp movement.

Video: A Brief History of Nonviolent Direct Action

Resources for Nonviolent Direct Action


Eve 10 - Our Magic Ancestors - Illustrated!

Here's a seasonal visit with the past, beloved and otherwise - a 40-page illustrated essay on our Magical and Activist Ancestors. Be not dismayed - it's written in short chunks and easy to skim. 


And did we mention there are pictures?


PDF Version - click here


Online version - click here


Lots more history articles - click here


Eve 11 - Campfire Chants Book

You probably listen to our Campfire Chants album all the time.

But did you know there is a Lyrics & Lore booklet that accompanies the album? Articles, interviews, chants history and stories, plus Reclaiming resources.

Full-color print edition or free PDF download. And the chants are always free!

Full-color print edition - click here

Free PDF - click here

Reclaiming Chants Playlists - click here


Eve 12 - Way to the Well Trance


Join Starhawk, Anne Hill, and Suzanne Sterling for a 40-minute guided drum-trance journey to visit wells of healing and inspiration. Includes the trancey song "Way to the Well."


Way to Well Trance - click here


Way to the Well Song - click here


Eve 13 - Reclaiming Cauldron - print or free download


Our bonus offering is our latest production - the Reclaiming Cauldron, our experimental creative arts journal.

If you haven't perused every page several times, you're missing something special! Writings, artwork, photography, music, and more from dozens of folks around our international network. Several dozen more people helped create and proof the journal, which may or may not continue.

So don't miss it while it's here - in print or free PDF.

Full-color print edition - click here


Free PDF - click here

Web page & more info - click here

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