Freebies & Downloads

Reclaiming Cauldron - our new full-color creative arts journal! 

   - The Cauldron - print edition | free PDF

Back issues of Reclaiming Newsletter & Quarterly- free downloads!

Reclaiming Archives - all sorts of fun stuff!

Reclaiming Chants - free on youtube, spotify, etc

Trances & Videos - free on youtube, spotify, etc

Dancing the Spiral: A Companion to the Writings of Starhawk

   - Dancing the Spiral - print edition (2021) | free PDF

April's Book of Games and Exercises - workings for young people

Tarot Handbook - history, workings, spirit journey, cards to color

Our Magical Ancestors - a new illustrated 40-page essay - PDF | online

Productive Meetings - free chapter from Starhawk's Empowerment Manual

Teen Earth Magic - the workbook - 350-page book for all ages

   - Teen Earth Magic - print edition (b&w) | free PDF
Direct Action: An Historical Novel - Reclaiming's activist origins!

   - Direct Action - print edition | free PDF

Campfire Chants Lyrics & Lore Booklet - 50-page full color booklet

   - Campfire Chants Booklet - full-color print edition | free PDF

The Magical Writer - free course booklet featuring Reclaiming magic

Activism Handbooks - tactics, group process, and more!

GroundWork magazine - 1990s pre-internet grassroots journalism