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March for Climate Justice


On September 8, Rise for Climate, Jobs, and Justice!

Call to Action from | Photos from Oakland 2015 march by Luke Hauser

The weekend before San Francisco’s Global Climate Action Summit, the Peoples Climate Movement will lead a national mobilization for climate, jobs, and justice.

September 8th will be a moving demonstration of the breadth and depth of the climate movement. Across the country, tens of thousands of people will show our power by hitting the streets, holding community forums, and educating voters about the issues – all to ensure that elected and private sector leaders make action on climate a priority.

From Seattle to Miami – and everywhere in-between – activists and non-activists alike will come together to demonstrate to the world that on this day, and every day, climate matters.


Like the National Day of Action in 2015, September 8th is about more than just numbers; it’s about telling the story of climate, jobs, and justice; it’s about showing that to change everything, it takes everyone – including you; and it’s about committing to make climate action a part of the national dialogue in November, in the months that follow, and well into 2019 and 2020.

The Peoples Climate Movement

The Peoples Climate Movement uses two key strategies to demand bold action on climate change:  mass mobilization and movement alignment. By mobilizing massive numbers of people on the ground; finding alignment with partners under the banner of climate, jobs, and justice; and lifting up our core priorities of economic and racial justice, we build the power required to win real and lasting climate policy on the federal, state, and local level.

Since 2014, and the history-making Peoples Climate March, we’ve hit the streets across the country and around the world with hundreds of thousands of climate-minded folks – first-timers and veteran activists, alike.


We’ve coordinated massive events, like the National Day of Action in 2015, that transformed the energy of the march into real palpable action and helped build the foundation of a broad-based climate movement from coast to coast. We’ve responded to the rapidly changing political moment swiftly and strategically, leading the charge to Resist, Build, and Rise at the 100 Days Mobilization in the Spring of 2017. The three-month action brought young people, union workers, faith leaders, and thousands more to the nation’s capital to demand climate, jobs, and justice and to remind the world that the rallying cry that united us four years ago still rings true today: to change everything, we need everyone.

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Photos from March for climate Justice - Oakland 2015 by Luke Hauser /

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