Reclaiming Our History

Magical and Alternative History from the pages of RQ


As a magazine and now as a website, Reclaiming Quarterly (and WeaveAndSpin) have featured articles on our magical and cultural background. Many are available below as free PDFs. 

Our Magical Ancestors: Tracing Our Tangled Roots - by Luke Hauser


Our latest - an illustrated 40-page survey from ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt through Gardner, Valiente, and the rebirth of Wicca.


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Featured Articles

Dead on Arrival: Alchemy, Science, and the Death of Nature - a four-part series by David Kubrin

A History of Magic and Witchcraft in Europe - circa 2000 scholarship, review by George Franklin

The New View of the Burning Times by Jenny Gibbons - what exactly happened during the witch hunts?

The Diggers and the English Revolution - radical ancestors reclaim the Earth

Ritual Art of the Ancient Celts

Why Are Witches Called Witches? by Johanna-Hypatia Cybeleia

The Great Goddess Barbie - anthropological research by Link

Reclaiming's History and Tradition - over a dozen articles and features

More History from RQ

Our Magical Ancestors - a full-length survey - PDF | Online

Life in the Year 1000 - a look back from the year 2000

When the Drummers Were Women - a review of Layne Redmond's book

May Day and International Workers' Day

The Occupation of Vandenberg Air Force Base - a 1983 direct action

Peoples Park - still blooming at age 40

Gardernian Witchcraft - an interview with Deborah Lipp

Mithras and the End of Time

Nicolas Culpepper's Revolutionary Predictions

The Medieval Background of the Healing Arts

The Diggers and the English Revolution - radical ancestors reclaim the Earth

The Sacred World of the Celts - a review of Nigel Pennick's book

Why We Call Ourselves Witches by M. Macha NightMare

Signs Out of Time - a film about archaeologist Marija Gimbutas by Donna Read


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