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Reclaiming Archives & Memorabilia - visit our old website for tons of archives & features!

RQ has been collecting archives for the past decade and making them available on our old site (


Now we've compressed a broad sampling and posted them as a single, free download. There's also a sub-collection of just the Spiral Dance files.

The Reclaiming Quarterly archives also feature our complete back issues.

Complete back issues of Reclaiming Newsletter and Quarterly


Full Reclaiming Archives ZIP - email us at

Spiral Dance Sub-Set ZIP - email us at - visit our old website for tons more archives & features!

Reclaiming Archives ZIP - Contents

- Spiral Dance scripts, music, flyers, etc

- various witchcamp flyers, brochures, camp packets etc

- Crossing Over - original version of Pagan Book of Living & Dying

- outlines from the early 1990s Multi-Cultural rituals

- outlines from local SF rituals and events

- various flyers, promocards, handbills, etc

- and much more!


The RQ Archives Project


We're making history - one scan at a time! Help collect Reclaiming-related archive materials and make them available. 


You can donate or loan materials to RQ - email us - see below. You can also donate tax-deductibly - visit or email us.


We also need help scanning and reviewing files - get the first peek and help make our history available!


Email us at <>



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