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The Reclaiming Cauldron

a journal of magic, creativity, and action

produced by &

Print edition and free PDF


Reclaiming's first print periodical in over a decade! 150 pages of writings, artwork, photography, music, book excerpts, and more. Plus resources, contacts and links - and even some funny stuff!

Created by over 100 contributors, designers, and proofreaders, the Cauldron is a snapshot of our community in 2020.


You can download a free PDF - but wouldn't you rather have a print edition? 

B&W - just like our old Quarterly magazine, only thicker. Or full color - suitable for all finer pagan coffeetables!

Full-color print edition - 150 sparkling pages - just $29.95. Click here.

B&W print edition - same text, sans color - only $19.95. Click here.

Free PDF of the Reclaiming Cauldron - click here and stand back!

Advance Samples - excerpted from full journal

A Sigil for Bridget's Sacred Flame, by Ambrosia

2020 Spiral Dance - online info & DIY version!

Embodying the Majors - a Tarot Journey, by MoonCrone

O Labirinto da Rosa - magic from Reclaiming Brasil

Day of the Dead – photos by Michael Starkman

The European Witch Hunts – excerpt from Our Magical Ancestors

Pandemic Pentacle, by Georgie Craig – magic from the front lines

Funny stuff from our first issue!

More Fun Stuff to Download

Dancing the Spiral: A Companion to the Writings of Starhawk - click here.

Lotsa free archives & downloads from WeaveAndSpin - click here.

Chants from Reclaiming & Friends - click here - archives, photo features, back magazine issues, and more!

What is the Reclaiming Cauldron?

The Reclaiming Cauldron is an occasional journal of magic, creativity, and action. And whatever else fits between two covers.

There's even some funny stuff - or so we're told!

You'll find excerpts from recent books by Reclaiming authors, artwork, activism, poetry and creative writings, Tarot and divination decks and workings, links to chants playlists, lots more free Reclaiming downloads - and did we mention that there's probably some funny stuff?!

Initiated by a magical writing class and supported by Reclaiming Quarterly, we offer 150 pages guaranteed to amuse, bemuse, and inspire!

Buy a print copy - $20 for B&W and just $30 for full color. Either or both will be an adornment to your coffee table! 


Or - download a free PDF.


Live Internet Links


See all those links in the Cauldron to music, archives, back issues, and more? 

Download a free PDF. Open it in a PDF reader (Preview, Adobe, etc), and all of the internet links are live. (They probably will not be live links if you view the PDF in your web browser.)

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