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Links to Our Favorite Chants!

Here are direct links to 50 of the most-sung chants from SF Bay Area Reclaiming classes and rituals. Click any link to go directly to the chant within the playlist.

Click here to see all our playlists!

Air I Am

Air Moves Us

Arms of the Wild (Humble Yourself)

Barge of Heaven (Pour It Out For Me)

Beginning of the Earth (The Ocean Is...)

Body of the Earth

Born of Water

Brid (Song for Brigid)

Circle Casting Song

Circle Round the Balefire

The Earth Is My (Our) Mother

Earth My Body

The Fool

Goddess Medley (Isis Astarte)

Goodnight Sweet Witches

Harvest Chant (Our Hands Will Work for Peace and Justice)

Hecate Cerridwen

Hecate Trance Loop

Holy Well and Sacred Flame

Humble Yourself (Arms of the Wild)

If My Soul Says So


Kore Chant (She Changes Everything She Touches)

In the Arms of the Wild (Humble Yourself)

Let It Begin Now

Let the Beauty We Love

Lyke-Wake Dirge

My Soul

Never Lose Our Way to the Well

No End to the Circle

No End to the Circle (Devoking)

Rise with the Fire

Rising of the Moon

Rising Sun (We Are the Rising Sun)

The River Is Flowing

Set Sail

She Changes Everything She Touches (Kore Chant)

Silver Shining Wheel of Radiance

Snake Woman


Spiraling Into the Center

Step Into the Flow

Sweet Surrender (We Are Opening Up)

Sweet Water

Water and Stone

Way to the Well

We All Come from the Goddess

We Are a Circle Within a Circle

We Are Alive (As the Earth Is Alive)

We Are Opening Up in Sweet Surrender

We Are the Flow

We Are the Power In Everyone

We Are the Rising Sun

Weave & Spin

Welcome Brid (Song for Brigid)

The Welcome Flame (Spark Blaze Ember Ash)

Wheel of the Year 

When We Are Gone

Where There’s Fear There’s Power

Who Is the Goddess

Wings (Wandering In the Deep of the Night)


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