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Magical Music

offerings from around the Reclaiming communities

Looking for Reclaiming chants? - click here!

This page features playlists compiled from recordings submitted by Reclaiming witchcampers and community participants​. Some of these were featured in our creative arts journal, The Reclaiming Cauldron

Others accompany rituals and workings in the Teen Earth Magic Workbook.

If you are art of a Reclaiming community and want to submit a youtube, email us -

Reclaiming Quarterly makes no claims as to quality - we'll leave that to you! However, if you find any song or recording problematic in other ways, please contact us -

Magical Music Playlists

Current Offerings - an eclectic playlist of recordings from Reclaiming-connected folks

Future Sounds of Reclaiming - experimental music - coming soon!
Spiral Dance Playlist - a complete musical ritual

Reclaiming Chants Playlists (all our albums and more)

Campfire Chants – Reclaiming songs for singing after the ritual – or anytime!

Campfire Singalongs - favorites from Bob Marley, Indigo Girls, Iz, Jason Mraz...

A Grounding Ritual (chants to accompany ritual in TEM Book)

A Water Ritual (chants to accompany ritual in TEM Book)

Meditations & Audio

Way to the Well (a trance journey with Starhawk)

Spiral Dance videos (classic footage of our Samhain ritual)

Grounding Meditation with Starhawk (Tree of Life)

Interviews etc with Starhawk (a youtube miscellany)

Nonviolent Direct Action: A Brief History - youtube documentary by Luke Hauser

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