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Why I Joined the Black Bloc

OR, Where Are the Clowns of Yesteryear? Berkeley, April 15 – Reporting from the amorphous front lines of Berkeley after an afternoon counter-protesting the “Hate Speech Is Free Speech” rally. Images by @AlanYuhas I woke Saturday morning and knew I needed to get downtown to oppose the Hate Speech rally. This wasn’t my kind of event – a lot of standing around listening to people exercise their freedom of speech by yelling at each other, punctuated by interludes of frightening mayhem. But I recall – the rise of fascism in Italy and Germany was accompanied by street thuggery of this sort – belligerent rallies and parades, shows of force and dominance intended to cow all opposition. Knowing that

Martin Luther King Jr Day – Oakland

A thousand or more people marched through downtown Oakland to honor Martin Luther King Jr’s legacy and to demand social justice for all. Photos by Luke Hauser/