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Students Lead March For Gun Law Reform

Across the US and around the world, thousands of people marched and rallied in support of legal reform around gun possession. Photo slide show from San Francisco march - click here.

Pentacle of the Great Turning

RQ contributor Riyana Moon reflects on Joanna Macy's vision of the "Great Turning" - a working that Free Activist Witchcamp turned into a magical pentacle. Click here for the article. #activi #joannamacy

Students Protest Gun Violence

Slide shows from the March 2018 high school walkouts against gun violence. The Guardian article linked here reports that 3000 schools took part nationally. Visit slide shows

Building a Daily Practice

Here's a classic article from our old Reclaiming Quarterly print editions: Building a Daily Practice Author Diane Baker is a founding member of Reclaiming. She co-authored Circle Round: Raising Children in Goddess Traditions, with Anne Hill and Starhawk.

Reclaiming Chants Playlists!

Looking for the perfect chant for a ritual, class, or birthday party? Look no further! Visit our Chants & Audio pages! You'll find playlists with links to youtube and spotify - you can also search for "Reclaiming Chants" and "Campfire Chants" on other services. Featuring: - elements chants - activist chants - Starhawk's chants - chants megamix - all five Reclaiming albums - and more!

A World Without Borders

In honor of our late friend April Cotte, we have posted a 2008 article: Resisting the Wall: Working for a World Without Borders April spent part of each year teaching and organizing in Texas. Creating a world without borders was part of her vision, which we honor and share.