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Reclaiming Archives - Free Downloads!

The Reclaiming Quarterly archives project just posted a ZIP file containing over 400 files (mainly PDFs) of Reclaiming archives from the past 40 years! Explore and download archives here RQ has been collecting archives for the past decade and making them available on our old site ( Now we've compressed a broad sampling and posted hem as a single, free download. There's also a sub-collection of just the Spiral Dance files. RQ Archives Sampler Disk - Contents ​ - Spiral Dance scripts, music, notes, flyers, etc - various witchcamp flyers, brochures, camp packets etc - Crossing Over - original version of Pagan Book of Living & Dying - Notes and outlines from the early 19

Back Issues - free downloads!

From 1980 to 2011, Reclaiming Newsletter and Reclaiming Quarterly were published as print editions. Now you can download the back issues as PDFs - individual issues, or the complete set! Click here for our back issues.