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Gerald Gardner Documentary

Good 45-minute youtube documentary about Gerald Gardner, whom some credit with founding modern Wicca. Commentary by historian Ronald Hutton. Click here for video.

Interview with Starhawk

Here's an interview with Starhawk that we did as the Foreword for the new Teen Earth Magic Workbook - talking about her own spiritual path and the growth of multi-generational organizing in Reclaiming. Click here for Interview Teen Earth Magic: An Empowerment Workbook 358 pages of Reclaiming-style magic - not for teens only! Links to print edition and free PDF download - sales benefit TEM: Teen Earth Magic: An Empowerment Workbook

Teen Earth Magic Workbook - print edition or free download!

Buy or download our new book - Teen Earth Magic workbook - not for teens only! 350 pages of cutting edge rituals, workings, activism, interviews - plus lots of photos from Reclaiming's youth camp, the Spiral Dance, and more. Buy a print copy for just $19.95 Visit our TEM website for free download of PDF. All proceeds benefit Reclaiming youth organizing!