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March for Real Climate Leadership – Oakland CA

Thousands of people joined in a festive march through

Oakland, demanding environmental justice and opposing oil-fracking and other abusesSeveral thousand people joined in a colorful and vibrant march through downtown Oakland on February 7. The occasion was a local visit by California Governor Jerry Brown, who has vacillated around issues such as oil-fracking.

The event, called March for Real Climate Leadership, brought together a wide range of environmental and progressive activists, highlighting issues such as fracking, nuclear power, and the social impacts of environmental devastation.

Many Reclaiming and kindred folks were involved in various contingents of the march, making this the second large pagan cluster gathering in the Bay Area in recent months. Maybe we need our own banner?Reclaiming folks were also part of civil disobedience protests around Jerry Brown’s visit and policies last week.

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Photo by Luke Hauser/RQ


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